About Me


My name is Whitney, but that is of no consequence.  I’m a somewhat versatile person with a myriad of interests, most of which revolve around a computer in some way.


Writing, photography, computers, music, critters, organizing, painting, drawing, language, mythology, beading, geology, reading, gadgets, electronic thingies in general, philosophy, cooking, etc.

Endeavors involving creativity, solitude, organization, or a hands-on approach appeal to me greatly.  Anything that can combine all of these will likely become one of my obsessions at some point in my life.

Astrological:  Aries sun, Cancer moon

Chinese Astrological Sign: Snake

Enneagram: Five, mostly

Myers:  INTP, sometimes INFP

Most common nicknames:

Whit, Whittles, Whittlestix, Whitster, Chip, Batch

Where do YOU want to go today?  lol

"It is us ourselves who create our own hells. We may have a lot of help with the construction, but it's still our choice to sit in the middle of the fire." ~me

"People are like cakes. Many of the ingredients may taste horrible on their own, but once combined and properly baked, can form a wide variety of complex creations." ~me

Height: 5'1"

Weight: 116 lbs (give or take)

Inseam: 26 1/2"

Pant size: Currently, LLBean Women’s size 8 or Men’s size 30 waist (a tad big but comfy!)

I've worn anything from a 2P to an 8P in my lifetime, depending on brand and my weight at the time.

Shirt size: Medium, I think.