To my humble abode.

Here you shall find just a general plethora of information about my interests as they pertain to me.  It isn’t so much that I figure people find me interesting, as it is that I really enjoy expressing myself, and what better way than on a website?

For those of you seeking pictures I’ve taken, it’s probably best to head on over to, which is devoted to this picturesque life with my awesome husband, Dale.  Because of his inspiration, I have taken many memorable shots with a growing collection of cameras.

And if you’re looking for my wish list, you can go to Amazon, which is where I keep it.

With the exception of one item, which I cannot find anywhere yet:

Calendar Patent Rolls Preserved Public Record Office: 1381-1385

This has mention of one John Leche, surgeon to King Edward III, and I cannot find this book.  Hmph.

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