As of 2014, Dale and I have four critters:  Three cats and a guinea pig.

Kitty - a white and orange cat who has been eight years old since I’ve known her.

Sinclair - a black/gray/brown/white tabby with semi-long, very silky fur.  We adopted him in February 2007 as a kitten.  He would have made a beautiful show cat if he wasn’t terrified of everything.

Nikon - a black and white guinea pig who wheeks a lot, and very loudly.  We adopted him in March 2012 as a baby pig.  He wheeks a lot.  And loudly.  Very loudly.  Did I mention that he wheeks a lot?  And loudly?

Gizmo - a miniature black panther cat with twenty-two toes.  We adopted him in February 2007 as a kitten.  He is a bully to our other two cats but he’s cute and lovable anyway.


As of April 10th, 2010, Dale and I had two other critters that have since passed away.

Lisa - A white and grayish-brown hooded rat, born in February of 2008.  She was one of eleven (or was it fifteen?) babies.  I adopted her and two of her sisters, Rikki and Maya.  They have since died.  Lisa died in 2011.

Pippin - A black “bear” hamster.  Adopted from PetSmart towards the end of Summer, 2009.  She had UTI and rhinitis, was good for a while, and then died suddenly in 2010.